Frequently Asked Questions

Can I call The Phone Exchange and get a quote over the phone for my used device?

We do not provide quotes over the phone.  For a no-pressure quote please visit one of our locations and we will make you an offer in person.

Can I get trade-in credit for my used device?

Yes!  We always offer more money for trade in credit than we do for a cash offer.

How long is my quote good for?

Phone prices change constantly.  Quotes are always good for the day and are subject to change if you return on a different day.  

Does The Phone Exchange buy broken phones?

Yes we do!  We buy any phone of value and lots of broken phones still have value.

How will I get paid for my old device?

The Phone Exchange pays cash for your device on the spot.

Does The Phone Exchange buy phones with bad imei/serial number or phones that are financed through the carrier?

We do buy phones that are financed or have issues with the serial number.  However, we DO NOT buy phones that are blacklisted or reported lost or stolen.